Sun's Out, Pugs Out Pug Life

Sun's Out, Pugs Out

It's that time of year when the pugs want nothing more than to be outside in the sun. Except, this is Seattle and it's still cold. So cold. We've been trying to spend as much time as possible outside without freezing, but the pugs are definitely out there much more than we are.

Luckily here at the Pug Haus, we have two amazing outdoor spaces for the pugs and hoomans to relax and play in. And the back deck has proved to be an excellent spot for working on new Pug Life designs. Maybe we'll even get some more posts up here in this blog! It's been a rough couple months here at Pug Haus.

Since it's so cold here, we're making good use of our Pug Life blankets, which even in warmer climates come in handy at night as the sun drops, but are a necessity for Seattle. So we've put them on sale, along with all of our outdoor gear and fan favorites. We even threw in some new merch and designs. This sale lasts until Summer begins, so get shopping!

I threw in some Sun's Out, Pugs Out photos for you to enjoy! 


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