Introducing The Arlowe

Introducing The Arlowe

Once upon a time in the far away Land of California, there lived an adventurous orange cat named Arlowe.

Arlowe was not just any ordinary cat; he was not even a typical orange cat, because we all know orange cats are unique. A curious and playful feline with a heart full of joy and a love for exploration, Arlowe had a secret. 

Hidden within Arlowe's kingdom lived a plethora of dinos who had absconded from the a much hotter land even farther away. While many looked down upon these adorable dinos as mere plushies, they were very much alive and full of personality. The Dino Dgenerates, as they were often called, were small, friendly creatures that loved to romp and play. Arlowe immediately welcomed the entire brood into his heart, becoming a Dino Degenerate himself. Their home was always filled with happy chirps and gentle roars, making it a lively and magical place.

Each day, Arlowe would choose a different blue dino to bring along on his adventures. They would race through the house, playing hide and seek in the nooks and crannies, and sometimes even having friendly wrestling matches on the living room rug. Then they cuddled up in a ray of sunlight, basking in the warmth of the day's light.

Whenever Arlowe left the home, he always traveled in a super special mode of transportation: a shiny, sleek spaceship. Whenever the weather was just right—which was almost every day, because this is the Land of California—Arlowe and his chosen blue dino friend would hop into the spaceship and zoom around town. His spaceship had a cozy little seat for him and a small perch for his dino buddy. As they flew over the neighborhoods, the townspeople would look up, smile, and wave at the sight of the orange cat and his tiny dinosaur co-pilot soaring through the skies.

Everyone in town knew of Arlowe and his dino friends, but they never told a single person about their adventures for fear a mean nasty troll would come along and steal away all the cute little dinosaurs. 

Though Arlowe loved his air-bound adventures, he also enjoyed exploring on foot. He would often walk on a leash, wandering through the parks and neighborhoods with his mom. The two of them would stroll along the tree-lined streets, with Arlowe stopping to sniff at interesting plants or chase after the occasional butterfly. The blue dinos preferred to stay at home during these walks, because their feet were ever so tiny, but Arlowe knew letting them roam in the wild would be incredibly dangerous.

When the day came to an end, Arlowe curled up right next to dad purring softly as he drifted off to sleep. He had the cutest, most gentle snore, and it always brought a smile to his dad's face. The rhythmic sound was comforting, like a lullaby, and it made their bond even stronger. Meanwhile, the dinos slept in a secret location deep within the castle so no trolls would ever find them.

Every night, Arlowe would dream of his adventures with his blue dino friends, of flying through the skies in his spaceship, and exploring the world on his leash. But no matter how exciting his dreams were, he always knew the best part of his day was being with his family, sharing those quiet, snuggly moments together.

If you listen right now, you just might hear Arlowe and his dad snoring together, in perfect harmony, dreaming of their next big adventure.


While we await more adventures of Arlowe, we'd like to introduce you to The Arlowe Collection available now at Pug Life. 

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