Arlowe, and orange cat, laying on the floor

The Arlowe


      Not all cats are pugs, but all pugs are cats. If you've ever met a pug, you know they love to sit on the back of couches, manage to climb on counters, love to hold a grudge, and generally act like a cat. 🙀 But these are not pug cats, but a collection of our favorite feline. We introduce to you The Arlowe. 

      The Arlowe is a pug pal of who lives in California with a whole heard of Dinos. Known for gentle snores, finding the perfect ray of sun, and long walks on the leash, Arlowe is the most puggy cat Lenore has ever met. And Lenore has met at least four cats.

      These designs are inspired by the life of this adorably handsome cat. 

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