Wooden box on marble counter. On the top of the box is an illustration of a pug with the words Le Mops and the dates May 27, 2007 to August 11, 2020. Le Mops is framed in a heart.

We survived May! And a new product...

May is the hardest month of the year for me. It should be filled with joy. It's my birthday. It's when the sun returns to Seattle for a few days, hinting at the possibility of summer. There's Justin Timberlake memes.

But May is also the month of Le Mops' birth--just one day before my own. He would have been 17 this year. Chewie was 17 when he died. Le Mops only made it to 13. He left me in August of 2020 by surprise. I have not gotten over it.

May is also the month when Lola also let by surprise. Just one year ago. She was 14. Both Le Mops and Lola went to the doggie ophthalmologist for a routine appointment and died. Le Mops had been playing with a tech while Lola was examined and died the moment he was placed on the table. Lola was done with her appointment and walking to the car when she collapsed. I like to think Lola decided to go at that moment to be with Le Mops.

So there was May. The hardest month of the year. 

Today, I pulled photos for a new Pug Life product. An adorable pull-out photo box. I am having samples printed and decided to do one for Lenore and one for Le Mops. So I went through some photos and my heart is broken all over again.

I could have kept going for days, months even. There are so many photos of Le Mops. He ran agility, hosted a Pug Meetup in LA, and modeled for a dog food. From his puppy shower to swimming in the sound, he was an adorable little wookie pug. Big Poppa. Lemon Drops. Le Mops. 

Instead of going back all the years, I decided to just pull more recent photos, because I could have gone forever and I needed the pain to stop right then. So I share with this small glimpse of today as I introduce a new product. Not everything is built from joy, some is built from love and sorrow. These keepsake boxes hold all of that. 

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