Suns out, Pugs Out

Suns out, Pugs Out

Many moons ago, the Pug Haus left Santa Monica to return Le Mops to the mothership of Washington where he had been born. He dragged his mama, his papa, and his big brother Chewie with him. They set up camp in Ballard, a small community within Seattle city limits, filled with parks and even a beach. 

Except Seattle didn't have the same amount of sun that Santa Monica offered, not even a little bit. Fast forward 16 years later, and the Pug Haus still calls Ballard home, even with the dark winters and excessive amount of rain. All those rumors you heard about Seattle being rainy are 100% true, even with the nasty amount of climate change making summer stretch a few days longer each year.

So when the sun comes out, the pugs go out. Even if it's 40 degrees. Luckily, they have enough fur to keep them warm laying in the sun. The days are finally inching pass the 50 degree mark and the pugs are outside even more than usual. We've already discussed this last year, but it bears repeating as the days get longer. 

Patty and Lulu like to wrestle, while Lenore tries to break up the fights. Patty is obsessed with a bleeding heart that we call "Le Mops' plant" because he, for whatever reason, would roll over it any chance he got. The plant is huge now that he's not around to destroy it, but Patty still eats the flowers. Lenore likes to dig up ground cover, and Lulu likes to talk to the neighbor dog Josie. But mostly, all three of them just like to lay around in the sun.

We're betting all pugs like to find their little rays of sun. Do your pugs want to be outside all summer or is that just a Seattle pug thing?




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