Obsessed: Pug Haus Shaker Ornament

Obsessed: Pug Haus Shaker Ornament

Okay, okay, rarely am I as obsessed with random pug merchandise (even our own) as I am with this new Pug Haus Shaker Ornament we’ve introduced. While it’s too late—early—for Christmas, it’s great for hanging year round or just displayed on your desk. 

Why am I so obsessed? The detail and craftsmanship on this totally custom ornament is simply amazing. From the tiny little letters on the tiny little paw charm to the sharp photo background, I am blown away. Since, it’s personalized, our prototypes didn’t do the final product justice, so now that I’ve customized a couple for myself, I am singing the praises or barking out loud!

I chose a memorial tribute to Le Mops, using an older phone image and an added heart. For the second one, I used a photo of the current pug haus trio with all their names. Also a phone image, it is totally crisp and vibrant. The charms are adorable and shake well inside the dog house. 

We’ve added a million customization options for pugs and non-pugs alike so feel free to drop us a line or leave a comment if you have a question. But seriously, these are so cool, and everyone needs at least one. 

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