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National Puppy Day

It’s apparently National Puppy Day so I figured I’d share some puppy photos of the Pug Haus clan. 

This is puppy Le Mops. It’s a grainy 2007 cell phone photo but it was taken his first night with us at the Hotel Andra in Seattle. Lil Porky was smaller than his pig toy! He didn’t stay small. 

Puppy pug laying on blue and green striped bed with an older  pug

 This is Chewie--who started it all--with puppy Le Mops. Chewie thought Le Mops was a Lil Alien who was invading. Le Mops followed Chewie everywhere, and Chewie just wanted to be left alone. Chewie never really liked Le Mops and always wanted him to go back to the mother ship. Unfortunately or fortunately, Le Mops took all of us with him and we relocated from Santa Monica to Seattle.

Puppy pug cuddled up with large older pug near window

Next came Lola, who we lovingly refer to as the reject. She came to us in April 2009. Le mops wasn't happy. Chewie loved Lola. Lola loved Le Mops. Le Mops wanted to be left alone.

Then came Lenore in 2013. Lenore has always had a big ol' hound dog face. As expected Le Mops just wanted to be left alone.


But Lenore wanted a puppy, so he ruint a visiting pug and Lulu came to stay. Lenore finally got her puppy! However, Le Mops not wanting Lenore to be happy, made Lulu his puppy. 

In August 2020, Le Mops passed away unexpectedly and broke Lulu's heart. That's why she looks so sad these days. But just after New Years in 2021, Patty Labelle came to cheer Lulu up. The two of them play half the day. The other half of the day, Patty spends sitting on her hooman boyfriends lap. SHe has eyes for no one but him.

And that's the quick story of the Pug Haus puppies!

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