Case of the Mondays

Case of the Mondays

It's a big week here at Pug Haus! We've got Lulu in for a dental cleaning, which is always stressful with a pug. We've got Lenore's follow-up on her bladder stone. We've got a ton of new personalized products in the store, and we're churning them out to happy pup owners. And finally, I'm about to start running again--the pugs don't run with me in the Summer, so they'll be home on the couch.

I don't normally start running again until about November 1 for my first weekend in November race. Then I kind of, sort of run until April before stopping again, but someone conned me into signing up for Dopey again, so I'm going to attempt to train, sort of. You'll catch me out there in plenty of Pug Life running gear, because it's not just for runDisney races, but for year round hilarity. New designs will be up this summer for sure, not because all the running will inspire me, but the need to procrastinate will motivate me to design.

Now to the serious stuff, that maybe I'll take my mind off by going and running five miles. Pugs and anesthesia is scary business! Lulu has no breathing issues and is healthy, but that doesn't make me less worried about a pug dental. She needs her teeth cleaned. We usually go three years in between cleanings, but it's only been two with her. She's got some extra buildup, and the toothbrush and supplements aren't cutting it, so deep cleaning is needed. Hopefully all goes well tomorrow!


And Poor Lenore, who if you've been following along had a UTI and the ER found a bladder stone. Wednesday, we go in for all the tests! In the meantime, she's wearing her Patty shirt.

Patty, by the way, is fine. 

So for the next few days, I'll be introducing new products and new fun here at Pug Life, because the Summer Drop is all about distraction and procrastination. What's your summer about?

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