Ballard Pug Shirts

Ballard Pug Shirts

We moved to Ballard in 2008, and Chewie and Le Mops immediately embraced their new neighborhood. I won't say they were they original Ballard Pugs, but the scene has definitely grown over the years. To celebrate living in and loving Ballard, we've created two new Ballard Pugs!

Located just North of Downtown, Ballard was annexed by Seattle in 1907 and has a checkered past through the 20th Century that we'll skip right over. It managed to maintain its unique identity over the years, with a strong Scandinavian influence that can be seen in the architecture, businesses, and even the annual Norwegian Constitution Day Parade. However, Ballard is now more diverse and offers amazing international cuisine, a fantastic bar scene, and a growing urban vibe. We've lived here 16 years and love all the change that brought it into the 21st Century while still holding on to the good parts of its Scandanavian past.

Must-See Spots

Most non-Ballardites hit Ballard Ave on weekend evenings for great food and drinks, but there is more than just food and booze. Don't miss the Ballard Farmers Market on Sundays, where you can sample and shop local produce, artisanal goods, and tasty treats. The Ballard Locks are also a must-see, where you can watch boats pass between the Puget Sound and Lake Union. I love year-round afternoon runs down Shilshole to the beach at Golden Gardens, where sometimes we'll hike up the stairs to Sunny Hill for some pizza. 

Ballard Pugs

Our current Pug Haus pack have made Ballard their home from puppyhood! They enjoy walking on the beach, hitting craft breweries, and wandering the neighborhood. We're not just rainy Seattle pugs, we're quirky Ballard pugs! We love our neighborhood and love the friends we've made along the way.

To celebrate our neighborhood, we've made two very Special Ballard Pug designs, a black pug and a fawn pug. Available on both Comfort Colors tee shirts and sweatshirts in a few colors and lots of sizes, so we're sure you'll find one that you'll love. We can't wait to rock these, and really need to get some made for pugs too!

Check out new Ballard Pug shirts and represent! Available now.

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