Sigh of Relief

Sigh of Relief

Lulu had her dental cleaning and her yuck tooth removed. She came home groggier than any pug we've ever come home from surgery, and then thick grainy blood came out of her nose. A quick call to the vet assured us that was "okay" and to bring her in the next day if it continued or an ER visit if her breathing got more labored. She's still a mess, but she's home. Lola's passing AFTER a routine procedure had us scared.

Today Lenore went in for an ultrasound and they couldn't find any stones! YAY! Waiting on blood work and urinalysis results to make sure her UTI is gone and her kidney's clear. I truly think the pre-emptive diet change and supplements helped to break down that stone. Out vet wasn't going to start a diet change pr attempt to break down the stone until after another round of antibiotics. We learned from Lola that stones just keep growing while we wait and didn't wait! Now hoping her kidneys are good, because Kidney disease with Chewie was a loooong and difficult six years. Lenore is 11 so about the same age Chewie's kidneys first showed signs of issues.

This was just a quick update for those following along!

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