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Pug Life Updates

It's been pretty chaotic here at the Pug Haus with Lola coughing and new product samples coming in. We're super excited with some of the things we have in the pipeline for Summer and will announce them as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, Miss Lola Mae Pansy Pants is recovering nicely. She still had a slight cough that is less honking and more like coughing up a bit of phlegm. It happens mostly when exercising, which we are trying to minimize while she's recovering, but Lola is wily and likes to climb stairs when no one is looking. 

Lefteye Patty Labelle is up to her usual antics and hiding shoes and toys around the house. Lenore's tongue is still far too long, and Lulu seems worried about everything. Same ol', same ol', which is nice sometimes.

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