Lenore's got a bladder stone!

Lenore's got a bladder stone!

This is the second time I've written this, so I hope it sticks this time. Lenore has a bladder stone. 

Lenore has never so much even had a UTI. Blood levels have always been fine. And now a stone!

We went through this with Lola many moons ago. Lola, with all her allergies, ended up on a home cooked diet prescribed by a nutritionist, which addressed her terrible allergies mostly and kept her stones at bay fortunately. That was after two surgeries and multiple medications due to calcium oxalate stones that grew rather fast. Lola, unlike Lenore, had UTIs quite a bit over her life. A few vets suggested surgery to correct her vulva, but our regular vets disagreed wholeheartedly. It took years to get her stones under control, so with Lenore's diagnosis, I am immediately concerned.

We are still waiting for a follow-up appointment to see how the stone reacted to antibiotics to cure the UTI. We've limited the diet in the meantime. We don't what kind of stone it is. We don't know how big it is really. The ER vet said it was likely too big to pass and would require surgery. Our regular vet said there was no way to tell until after the UTI was cured.

All of this leaves us incredibly stressed, waiting for answers, hoping Lenore doesn't get worse and worrying that it's something more serious with the kidneys or bladder. We'll keep everyone updated as we find out more.

In the meantime, we're trying these additions and changes to Lenore's diet (these are not affiliate links and we receive nothing for you clicking on them):

  • Canine Caviar Special Needs - Low calorie food with quality ingredients. They continuously update their recipe as new science emerges. So far Lenore is doing well on it. It's always a balance between the no teeth and the giant poops!
  • Urinary Tracts Bites - These are soft and chewy, perfect for a pug with no teeth.
  • Free the Flow Chinese Herbs - These herbs worked well for Lola, so we've added them to Lenore's diet. We hope to avoid surgery or at least not have more stones form!

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